The Cuttings Book CLICK HERE TO BUY

The Cuttings Book is a limited edition hardback made up of photographic prints and comes in a presentation box. Cuttings is a collection of collaborative work by artist Sarah May and photographer Annie Collinge. The book is the culmination of a five-year series of experiments with a variety of materials, including fabric, papers, photography, collage and hand-drawn imagery.

Signed and Numbered

Edition of 20

Embossed Hardback Cover

Pages are digital C-Type prints

Comes with specially designed sticker pack

Hand Bound by GF Smith Papers in the UK

£120 plus P+P


Yurei Zine is a collection of photographs and collage made in Japan and Korea.

Signed and Numbered

Edition of 50

Digitally printed Zine

£5.00 plus P+P

Five Inches of Limbo Publication CLICK HERE TO BUY

The project is based on dolls I found in New York junk stores with portraits of people who look like them, mainly strangers I met on the street or subway. A poem by
Margaret Atwood is included in the publication, which was designed by Claire Huss.

25.3 cm X 18.2cm

Soft cover, hand sewn with letterpress slip case

20 pages

Edition of 150 and signed and numbered

£18.00 plus P+P